Sunday, September 19, 2010


I began a skirt before I left on vacation. I didn't buy enough fabric for the circle skirt. I thought I only needed 1 yard. I was wrong. However, it seemed like enough fabric to make a skirt with, so I improvised. (I can't remember what line this fabric is.)

Tonight I thought I would try to finish it. All in all, it's wearable, but not great. I didn't taper the fabric in the skirt, and so where it's gathered, which hits right at my hips, is wider than me. Thankfully my matching tank is long and helps hold it down a little. 

I am also thankful for the tank, because while I thought I did taper the top piece, apparently it wasn't enough. I could use some darts. So it's a little bulky, but the gap between my skirt and my skin is hidden by my top.

I still need to finish hemming it; currently there is just basting at the bottom. It was quite long - past my knees. And I have long legs. The length did not help with the poofy hip problem. So my hem is 5.25 inches at the moment. Some trimming is definitely in order.

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