Saturday, May 28, 2011

Using up my leftovers

I had some extra charms and extra yardage as well from my last quilt. As the fabric was easy to reach (unlike the rest) and I wanted to keep creating, I decided to make some little items with what I had left.
So ...
      #1. Nearly done is (what is supposed to be) a wallet-like pouch. It is bigger than I imagined. Just need to put on some binding, as I chose to quilt the layers all together.
 (the other side is the same patterns in opposite colors)

      #2. To put the wallet/mini-bag in - a purse! I remembered seeing a charm square purse on the moda bake shop. I didn't have the number of charms left to make it reversible, but went with the general idea for the outside. I have it pieced. I even put the two sides together... then realized I should have quilted it. (I have left over batting I am using too.)
 (this was supposed to face the same as the other side. Oops. I figured it out halfway through sewing it and decided it was fine.)

I decided I had enough sewing for one day and it was time to put my living room back together. I spent a lot of time today cleaning out the corners and clearing off the flat surfaces. :)

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