Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas gift making

This year I am making most of my Christmas gifts.
This pillow is for my brother. I used canvas drop cloth for the fabric and stitched on felt pieces. I plan on making a non-holiday pillow cover as well.
(this is under my lovely tree. You see my fabric piled up to the right)

Then, for all the nieces and nephews I have (which I need to use two hands to count), I am making matching pajama pants. I just need to have them all over at once so they know they all match!
These are 18 month old size (for a 2 year old) and the smallest ones I've made. (This pair isnt' finished btw) I have 3 more pairs cut and ready to sew waistbands and hems into.

I have more gifts I have been working on. I'll take a picture when I have the set ready to go. We are having a gift exchange this weekend. I hope my gift is considered "fight-worthy." I hear this group gets quite rowdy at these.

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