Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quilting Again

It's been some time since I decided to make a quilt. I've been having fun with little one day projects.  But I have all this fabric that I planned to make quilts with. 
One of the quilts I was going to make is for a co-worker. She has been dealing with health issues, and will be going in for heart survey at the end of the month. My plan was to make the Schnibbles Paganini quilt that I did for Le Petite way back in... October? November? There are 4 different layouts and I have been looking at the v 4. (having already done the first version) 

So this afternoon I cut up all the little squares I needed and the strips for the border. I was proud of myself for getting all that done right away.

So tonight as I have pull out the charm squares, in sets of 4, to put together, I had all these sets that looked like blocks. And now I am wondering if I should just put them together in that pattern. I threw them together and while I might move some blocks around, I think it is cute. And really a lot easier. As I discovered previously, just because something is small, doesn't mean it is easy or fast. And if I want to get this done by the time my co-worker goes into surgery, I am thinking this might be the better option. I'd end up with an unused stack of 2 inch squares, but oh well.

Opinions? Paganini or whatever this type of layout is:

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  1. I'm going with the paganini. After laying it out with the fabric, there was no choice. I have never worked with the line before, and I swear this fig tree stuff is thicker and nicer than the others. It is so elegant and beautiful I couldn't just make rectangles.