Sunday, July 3, 2011


We decided to move from a one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom townhouse. We are very excited that the place is two-stories and so we will not have any neighbors above us. Unlike my last move, this one was well planned in advanced. We looked at all our possibilities and then made our choice. (Oh, we also will have our own washer and dryer. I can do small loads and wash my fabric and quilts!) We looked at this place from the start and then compared other places to it. So we've pretty much been decided on it for a while.  We put in our 30 day notice, more than 30 days in advance... maybe that's the problem.

I started packing right away. But only pieces since I still needed things. It's (finally) next Saturday that we get our key. So I still have boxes filled and boxes flat. Packing material. Random things here and there. The place is a mess. We are both feeling like moving day will never come.

Another twist - we didn't know I didn't realize the move was going to be when I was in Chicago for a work conference. So I pack all the boxes, fly away, and then my husband and his brothers move everything, and then I return - to a new home. All I will do is clean the old place and start unpacking at the new. As much as I dislike the cleaning, it won't be so bad since I didn't do all the work to move. And then I will set up the 2nd room as my sewing room. Thankfully the husband doesn't seem to mind that I have more or less just claimed that room. I can't wait. I am going nuts with my sewing machine tucked away in the corner with stacks of boxes in front of it. Until then... more packing.