Friday, August 5, 2011

Starting with mistakes

So much for thinking I know what I am doing. Maybe it is because I have looked at too many tutorials lately - yes that must be it. I saw this tutorial by Natalia at Piece N Quilt and thought it would be perfect for the little Chargers quilt I am making for a nephew coming into the world in the next couple weeks. 

I pre-washed my fabric (which I never do) and cut it up last weekend. I have been anxious to start piecing, but had to get another project done first. (I had purple thread that was not going to work with my white quilt squares. I made curtains from sheets. It was a very forgiving project.)

So I started out. I thought to myself, pieces of the same size go together and the larger ones on the sides. After piecing 16 sets of squares ...and pressing them... I thought I better look at the tutorial. I was thinking it was important which color went on what side... 

Here is the picture from Natalia's tutorial...

Do you see that? Squares and rectangles together! Not squares and squares. The first step and I mess up! I really don't want to rip up all those...

I have extra fabric and so I am thinking I might just cut more pieces. I was already planning on making a top and bottom border and maybe it will work into that. A stripe on the back would be fun, but I was going to use flannel so I am not so sure. 

This Apple Crate quilt from Moda Bake Shop must have been what I had in mind when I thought longer pieces went on the sides. Sheesh.

...afterthought: here are my squares.