Thursday, September 30, 2010


I have mentioned I love charm packs? Yesterday I began made progress on a Christmas pillow. I am using the Charm Pack Quilt Along pattern/square that I spotted partly into, and way before I knew what a quilt along is. [I know, it should be obvious.] I have been planning this idea out for months, partly eager to get started, and partly wondering if it would be too difficult.

First- What I have learned: When you plan a quilt, know what you have to work with. SPECIFICALLY. Just knowing the colors you have is not good enough. You need [why am I saying you?] I need to know how many of each color I have.

Second - I made a lot of progress yesterday. I had already put the squares together [why are the solid Snow squares larger than the Fruitcake squares?] and drawn my guide lines. So yesterday I pieced, cut and pressed. I then paired up the rectangles. I would have sewn them too, but I wanted to prep for sleep.
It's great that all I have to do is piece my pieces. I feel like I'm almost done. That was the easy part. trying to turn it into a wreath was not. I expect my second [for me] and third [for mom] pillows to go the same way - rocky start, easy finish.

I don't have any related pictures to share, but here's a shot of a pillow I made for my friend a while back. I babysat her almost 3-yr old daughter Monday. It was so odd to walk in and see this - I forgot about it. What I loved the most was that it was obviously washed. It looked softer (but not washed out like it does in the pic).

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grocery bag

I took this quick and easy tutorial for The Dandy Bag from Dandelion Quilts and made a bag this evening. I left out the fleecing, mostly because I didn't have any, but also because I wanted to finish it tonight. I am giving it away with some groceries and it's more for utility. =) I used fabric from my suitcase of fabric and a little leftover I had too. It turned out much cuter than I thought when I first picked out the fabric. The inside is the same green as the accent piece.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


I began a skirt before I left on vacation. I didn't buy enough fabric for the circle skirt. I thought I only needed 1 yard. I was wrong. However, it seemed like enough fabric to make a skirt with, so I improvised. (I can't remember what line this fabric is.)

Tonight I thought I would try to finish it. All in all, it's wearable, but not great. I didn't taper the fabric in the skirt, and so where it's gathered, which hits right at my hips, is wider than me. Thankfully my matching tank is long and helps hold it down a little. 

I am also thankful for the tank, because while I thought I did taper the top piece, apparently it wasn't enough. I could use some darts. So it's a little bulky, but the gap between my skirt and my skin is hidden by my top.

I still need to finish hemming it; currently there is just basting at the bottom. It was quite long - past my knees. And I have long legs. The length did not help with the poofy hip problem. So my hem is 5.25 inches at the moment. Some trimming is definitely in order.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the heart

[heads up: this post is not about quilting. I would normally write this on a different blog I keep on things of my heart.]
I have done no sewing. My priorities these last couple weeks have been different. I have been spending a lot of time in worship, in heart to heart conversation, and visiting with people. I threw a last minute birthday party for Jerry Sunday. (which meant Saturday was spent catching up on chores, post-vacation) I haven't really gotten any routine back (like I really had one), but I desire my life to be more centered around people. So I don't want any routine I had. I do want to be productive, and I do want to take care of myself, but first I want to pursue time loving the people I love. So my focus is less about doing dishes and going to the gym, but preparing my heart. I know that when I am filled with God and his love, that is what will pour out of me. But I can't give what I don't have. So I am continually seeking more of God in my life.
Here is a praise and example of how we are desiring to have ministry be part of our daily life. Before we had company Sunday, we prayed for God's presence to come and be felt by the family that was going to arrive. The evening went well, and I know at least one sister felt God here. She simply said, "I like it here." And she said that she would like to come back. Praise God, we have been reaching out to her, providing encouragement, and reminding her that our Father is full of unconditional and perfect love and gives good gifts to His children. I hope that she and her children are able to return this Sunday, because as her 3-year daughter excitedly told Jerry when they were leaving, "Jenn said we get to come back."

Jerry and I on vacation:

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

40 lbs of fabric

I don't really have 40 lbs of fabric...but close to it. The suitcase was about 45 lbs at the airport, minus the weight of the suitcase, a pair of running shoes, and the 7 lb box of 9mm rounds of ammo (not mine btw- I was helping out someone at the airport. They say over the speakers that it's okay to do that right?) the fabric is probably somewhere closer to 30-35 lbs. 

I came home from Northern California with a bunch of fabric from my mom and aunt. Mostly mom's. 
(I only kept about one-third of my aunt's fabric. It was very dated; not in a cute old fashion way, but an ugly 1970's retro way.) 
I got a good bit of solids, lots of flannel, a few memories... I have lots to experiment with. I plan to participate in Le Petite Projects so this will be some great fabric to try new things with.
I also took a completed quilt from my mom. It's only about 24 inches square and has fall leaves on it. My great aunt made it for her, and embroidered a leaf on the back with names and date. A nice addition to my little collection of fall decor, and allows me the will power to pass up the tempting sale on fall fabric I saw this morning. 

The reason I ended up with all this fabric...people get old. And sadly that means changing living situations to accommodate their needs. It's good in some respects (closets get cleaned out), but I know this is going to be an added burden on my mom as she moves her dad into a rented house with her and my dad. I'm glad to hear she has plans to take care of herself in some ways too, and hope she follows through. My mom is one of the nicest people you would meet, and has a big heart for caring for others.

I had a fun weekend away at the other end of the state. Enjoyed time with family, old friends, enjoyed the blue sky and sunshine. It was a beautiful day on the lake Monday; we had a wonder time of extended worship at church Sunday night. I didn't want it to end - just wanted to move my bed up north. It is our (my bf Jerry's and myself) prayer to be able to move up to Redding and be part of the church next September.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Should I wash my quilt before I give it to my friend? It's pretty stiff (it does have a lot of starch). I don't know how she will use it... decoration or tummy time mat. =)

quick iphone pic

I said "take a picture of just the bag" - this is what I got.  It's a matching zippered "diaper bag." And no lining, just followed the pattern as terribly as I could. =)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend plans

This weekend we are traveling north to visit my parents. I am looking forward to a fun time, visiting my friend Allison from college who will receive the Modern Baby quilt I made, and going out on Shasta Lake. (I'll wave hello when I drive by Tracey.) We fly up Friday night and back Tuesday and will be spending Sunday and Monday in Redding.

While we are still at my parents' house, my mom is planning on a BBQ with some of our family from San Francisco. (they haven't met my bf yet, so ...) My aunt is coming over with a, let's call it, mystery stack of fabric. Her mom had/has a closet full of (what she called nice) fabric that my aunt is trying to get rid of. So when she heard I was quilting, she offered to bring me some. I am taking her up on the offer, and when asked what I want, I said girly fabric so I can make my (not quite) nieces little purses for Christmas. I also said I like bright colors. So I don't know what I am going to get, and am excited and nervous about it.

As for my works in progress, I made some continuous bias binding as Tracey's tutorial explained. I apparently don't cut well with scissors (at least in a loop; I can cut wrapping paper just fine!). I have what I need (I hope) but it is a good thing the edges are getting tucked under - they're ugly. The length is going to be close; I just used what I had left in my solid purple. I was surprised at how much I did get out of that little piece of fabric though. I am expecting to get my quilted quilt back in the mail tomorrow or Friday. I am really hoping it arrives tomorrow so that I have time to get the binding on at home.

on a completely unrelated note, it's time for a hair cut again. I've been enjoying it when it's freshly cut (sounds like produce), but it is still long enough in the front that it's not long after my haircut until I can pull it up. And with thick hair and summer days, blow drying isn't fun - so it is up most of the time. But I have a hair appointment tonight and haven't told anyone - so I am sharing here. Tonight I am looking forward to surprising the bf. He loves it when I come back from the salon because I can never get it as nice as my stylist. (I think it's mostly a matter of time and effort) So he is working at the Sbucks nearest my apartment tonight and I am going to stop by on my way home. I look forward to his reaction. (oh, while I'm talking about him I want to brag on him too. He cleaned my refrigerator yesterday and did an amazing job. I'm so impressed and excited about it.)