Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Bermuda Triangle

The last few days I have been drawing out patterns on graph paper to try and figure out what my next pillow is going to look like. I told another co-worker friend that I would make her a pillow with the leftover pieces from the first - because I knew I would have lots of scraps. I also have some white squares. Most of my scraps are triangles, so I thought I would do something with that shape and drew out patterns of diamonds and pinwheels. I wasn't sure what size I need the pieces to be, so I did some algebra. Unfortunately I am still a little new to how sewing seams works, because I tried one and it didn't work. I need the resulting square to be 4.5 in, and it is not that big. And because I have precut strips, they will not be the right size. (I got smart and looked in a quilting book. I need 2 7/8 width, not 2.5) So now I will end up with a scant (yes, I am baker first) square. I am wondering if they are all scant of 4 inch squares at the end then maybe I will have a smaller finished block, and I can make it like it would be too big - start with 20 in and put on 18 in - and it will fit nicely - hopefully, and thinking it will also shrink up a little in the wash. It is either that or back to the drawing pad. I am not too excited about squares, although I think it would be cute too, but since I already have the strips sewn together, I would hate to take them all apart. I also have to kick myself because I trimmed down some of my white squares thinking they were a little too big, when in actuality they were just right. So thankfully that wasn't all, and I still have a lot left, but now I have a bunch of triangles I am not sure what to do with. My guess is that I will have to use them for even smaller triangles (one inch squares? oh my)

I still have some strips from that jelly roll I haven't touched. Those I am going to put together into a pillow for my mom... although I am sure what I will do for the back... quilt both sides? She will love it. I asked my dad to find out what size the pillows are my mom has on the couch, but I think from now I am sticking with new pillow forms. After the last ordeal, I am going with new. ...And then after that, I am making a pillow for my apartment. A big huge one, and I am getting a really nice pillow from Pottery Barn. I also want to make a carrying case for my laptop,... whew, I am tired thinking about all these. I think I have enough projects in mind for the rest of the year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Pillow Story

Answers to my previous questions:
1-sew batting to back, no need for back fabric
2-yes and no. It didn't look as smooth at I hoped where the envelope closing came together. but keep reading, it worked out to be plenty big
3- I was given permission to remove the current cover from the pillow I was covering. As it was a thick fabric, I thought this would be a good idea, since the place it was sewn up was sticking out.

So after un-stitching the side, I discovered the inside did not contain a pillow form, just stuffing. It was past being able to sew up, so I thought I would try the stuffing in my pillow as it was packed pretty tight. It didn't look good. It was over stuffed and lumpy. So I ran up to the fabric store and got a pillow form. 20" square. The previous pillow was 21", so the cover is a little loose. But at least it isn't busting at the seams. Hopefully my friend doesn't mind.
I think it turned out really cute, and I will have to make a cover for myself - eventually.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oh good, it's Wednesday


I am happy to report that I made some progress on my pillow last night. I finished piecing and pressing all the strips together; so now I have four long strips of yellow, red, blue and white. Well actually I need one more strip of white; I was going to use it from another strip, but now it is already sewn. Hmm... Well, I will figure it out as I go. Right now it looks like I have enough fabric for two pillows, but putting the strips at an angle will probably change that.

(sewn and pressed and laid out randomly)

I have several questions on what I do after the front of the pillow.
1)How do I make it look quilted? a) just sew over the fabric and let the poof of the pillow make it look right b) use batting and a scrap piece of fabric since it is inside the pillow case and won't be seen c) something else I have not considered
2) I measured the pillow seam to seam and it is 21.5 inches. (What an odd measurement) I am planning on making the pillow case 22 inches. Will this be enough extra space?
3) Speaking of seam to seam... this pillow is already covered, should I remove the fabric already on there? This is not my pillow, so I would need permission. But how will that affect the overall appearance of the finished pillow?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Falling behind

I have been out of town for two weeks. It was great. Back at home with a week's trip of stuff unloaded into the apartment, my primary focus this week is to clean.
I do want to get started on my pillow though. So last night I did a little step of cutting off the salvages of the jelly roll strips I will use. I still can't decide on a pattern. And today I received the pillow I am going to cover, so that will help. It is a lot bigger than I thought. Well, however it turns out, I am looking forward to project.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

WIP plus 1

I seem to be a day late on this Wednesday update thing; yesterday I was out of town, so that is my excuse this week. And next week I will on vacation, so no update at all.
This week I finished my quilt. I was really excited to get it done, and wanted to finish before my travel began. So I began the binding Friday night and finished it Saturday morning, and flew out Saturday afternoon. Actually finished the corners today; just have some loose threads to trim.
I am curious about washing it. My boss advised me to leave no larger than a fist unquilted; however, the instructions I read left entire 8.5 inch squares un-quilted. So I am considering going back over them with some simple pattern to keep the batting from balling up.

I am full of ideas this week. I have seen some quilted bags and purses that I think I would like to make. Although this is not the next project I am intending to work on, I think it will be the next one I make for my own interest. I just took a couple fat quarters and folded them to see how it would look. Have some black to line it with. And I don't know if I would go simple fabric, or do it quilted, going around the circles.