Monday, August 13, 2012

Pencil Rollup

My mommy-in-law just left this morning after a ten day stay with us. She is much more efficient with dishes than I am. I came downstairs every morning to a clean kitchen and tidy living room. It was nice, but tomorrow morning my paints will still be on the floor and that is just fine with me. :) 

She enjoys colored pencils and had them laid out while drawing last night. I wondered how she was going to get them home, and thought of the cute little coloring rollups that I have seen on other blogs. So I looked a couple pictures and started cutting. (I should have done a little measuring first too, but in the end it all worked out just fine.) So I threw together this little roll-up pouch and she absolutely loved it. This type of thing is right up her ally. 

I used the leftover fabric pieces from my purse and they were a great size for my project. Although it is a little odd to see the fabric I carry over my shoulder in a different project and I think it's just a little busy.

To show that I enjoy all sorts of creative outlets, this week I've done some painting:
Trees painting - work in progress
Last week's painting