Wednesday, June 23, 2010

oh good, it's Wednesday


I am happy to report that I made some progress on my pillow last night. I finished piecing and pressing all the strips together; so now I have four long strips of yellow, red, blue and white. Well actually I need one more strip of white; I was going to use it from another strip, but now it is already sewn. Hmm... Well, I will figure it out as I go. Right now it looks like I have enough fabric for two pillows, but putting the strips at an angle will probably change that.

(sewn and pressed and laid out randomly)

I have several questions on what I do after the front of the pillow.
1)How do I make it look quilted? a) just sew over the fabric and let the poof of the pillow make it look right b) use batting and a scrap piece of fabric since it is inside the pillow case and won't be seen c) something else I have not considered
2) I measured the pillow seam to seam and it is 21.5 inches. (What an odd measurement) I am planning on making the pillow case 22 inches. Will this be enough extra space?
3) Speaking of seam to seam... this pillow is already covered, should I remove the fabric already on there? This is not my pillow, so I would need permission. But how will that affect the overall appearance of the finished pillow?


  1. I found this to answer #1 - batting on the back and quilt just that; and advice on #2 - I think my measurement will be just right

  2. Have you sent this link to Ruth? :-) I don't care if you remove the cover of the pillow... if it won't mess up what you've already measured for and all that. Since I know nothing of quilting, I cannot answer the rest. ;-) It's looking very cute!

  3. No, she's out and busy, but I did email my friend from college who has made some pillows recently. I asked if she used the same method as in the tutorial I found.