Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Petite pickle

I am making my Le Petite project in Punctuation. When I got my fabric, I didn't know I needed two charm packs. So I ordered a second one along with another order. I went ahead and began the quilt, making 32 half square triangle blocks.
I got my second charm pack today so that I can make another set of matching triangles for my quilt.  Problem: the fabric doesn't match. That is to say 5 of my 16 pairs are impossible to make. I got a different pattern of the ticket fabric. I had color background with white flowers. Now I have white background with colored basket weave - nothing alike.
I guess I will just have to make it with what I have, but I think it is going to look rather odd. 
(I was going with version 1)

The current state of my living room floor:

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  1. I don't feel like making another post for this... I was working on it again last night. I had all the half square triangles made and pressed, and I pulled out the directions. "cut to 4" squares." That's a lot of work. And then I am going to have to get and make fabric for the snowball corners. This might be an "easy" pattern, but is way more involved than I expected. I suppose if I spend more than an hour on it at a time it would go faster though.