Monday, January 3, 2011

A little coffee indulgence

My kitchen is currently decorated with a coffee theme, and the new Java line matches the colors perfectly, especially with the reds and oranges and browns.  I would love to get the kit and make this quilt. However, seeming how the kitchen will not be only mine in a couple months, and Jerry spent the last few years working in a coffee shop, that theme is not up his alley. But I couldn't help getting a little bit of it for myself - and got a charm pack on the way by the quilt store this morning.
I made a reversible cup sleeve (since they know me by name at the coffee shop) and am working on a coaster. I am not sure if I want to make the bottom of it a pinwheel like the top or not. I am a little perplexed however about how it turned out to be a larger square than I began with. And for that reason I think I may have to make another pinwheel. I might have gone ahead with it, but I think I will put a proper little binding on this - and don't want to make time tonight. I've got to go back to work tomorrow for the first time since Dec 23.


  1. Very cute! Don't forget to make yourself some potholders with your other charms...I am obsessed w/ homemade potholders. My sister has an entire drawer full!


  2. So awesome!! Sew away while you have the brain space and time. I am just now getting into sewing and loving it, but finding some frustrations with my desire to finish a project and the everyday demands of family life. I'll figure it out. I envy your season of life as a seamstress. :)