Monday, November 1, 2010

Schnibbles Paganini

It was close, down to the wire. I'm not talking about the football game, although I hear that was the case. No, I am talking about completing my quilt top for the Le Petite Projects.

When I entered the group, I was working full-time and had plenty of free-time to quilt. Which often meant it would run into my free time for cleaning and exercising. But at the beginning of the month, just when I would be getting started with my first project, my life changed. I got engaged! So I have been spending much of my free time wedding planning. It's more exciting than quilting, but just as time-consuming. So I have been doing little bits of my Le Petite quilt here and there. I was determined however, to finish the quilt top in time for the parade. And with 20 minutes of October left to spare, I did it.

 Here it is:

This quilt was a learning experience. There were a lot of edges that didn't line up from my angles. But I just ignored that and lined up from the middles. So I am not sure how smooth my finished quilt is, and I didn't iron all the angles the way it instructed, but that's okay. It's done and I am happy with it. I think it will make a very cute play mat. When I get the back done, it is going to have the alphabet panel on it. Hooray, big step done, and it's fun and worth the work.

On a continuing note, I have the supplies for one other quilt that I would like to gift a supportive co-worker, but then it is just quilting for Christmas presents and creating wedding decorations. (It's so tempting to make a quilt for that.)

Draped over my dining room table/quilting room sewing table/storage room:


  1. I love this!

    very cute. I think I want to make it with a layer-cake for my MIL.

    When's the big day? :)

  2. Thanks.

    I had mixed feelings about the small pieces; it was a little tedious, but at least the seams were short (faster) to sew. :) A layer cake sounds like a good idea.

    Depending on if Jerry gets a job he is interviewing for Wednesday or if he continues in the Police Academy, it will be either March 12 or 13.

  3. I love your Paganini... but I don't think I got this one added into the Parade! Did you send me this link??? I will go add it...

  4. Very beautiful finish, hugs from France.