Friday, November 12, 2010

So much to do, so little time

(I started this 3 days ago with the intention to add pics. Maybe this weekend...)
I think the problem with that phrase is the "to do" part. So often in life we put way too much on our plates. Sometimes it's necessary, and other times, we just think it is. Work is unfortunately one of the necessary, and most time consuming, "to dos." And with all I need to be doing here (besides typing my thoughts), it can be overwhelming. It's good everything now and then to get my mind away - and clear. 

Yesterday I took a sick day. I was just tired from a long weekend. And I hadn't done any chores, so I got a bunch of that done.  I can actually see my kitchen table now. The fabric and drawings and patterns are all in a nice neat pile. That was the extent of anything quilt related I have done. (I tried on wedding dresses for 8 hours Saturday and went engagement/wedding ring shopping Sunday.) 

However, yesterday I also pulled out a bag of baby blankets of mine. They had meaning to me, and so I have kept them, stored nicely in a zippered blanket bag. When I looked at them yesterday, I am so thankful I have treated them so well. Since I have started quilting, I have learned that quilts are quite a variety of blankets, and I have come to appreciate them so much more than I would have had I never put the time and labor into my own. 

Some quilts are simple, with just one piece in front and one piece in back. (This was my favorite as a child.)

 Others contain applique that makes a cute design or picture. (I always thought of this one more as a decoration than a blanket as it was kind of stiff.)

Others have the classical piecing. (This was made for me by my great aunt as a doll blanket.)

and one more...
Red work. This quilt was given me by my great aunt, for ___ in ___. Although I haven't always had a place to hang it, this has always been a favorite.
(I don't know where this is, and I'm about to look for it now.)

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