Saturday, June 18, 2011

A unlikely find

Anomaly # 1. I went to Walmart instead of Target.
Anomaly #2. I found myself checking out the fabric there.

I was looking for a patch for my husband's pants. He has holes in both knees from reaching the bottom shelves of chips. (He stocks the grocery stores for Frito-Lay.) So as I was wandering around looking for a patch, I found a couple of things.
First, and most exciting, they had Brother bobbins. I have a Brother sewing machine and the 3 bobbins that it came with. So I am not generous with the thread I put on there as I might have to remove what was left to put on a different color/type of thread. Now I have 8 more! So exciting. Previously I had looked at bobbins at Joann's but they only carry Singer. Now I can completely fill a bobbin and not worry about running out of thread halfway across my quilt.
Second, and more surprisingly, I found some precuts. On Clearance! I got a fat quarter pack in blue and whites for a baby boy quilt I plan to make, 2 yards of flannel in white (back of quilt), and a kit for a purse in the hobo bag style, including handles. For trying a new design, I am okay with cheap. And $9 for a new purse sounded pretty good. All this for... (wow, what was only $3?) $18. They had some other cute kits and fat quarter packs, but my rule is I will only buy if I know for whom the fabric will be used.  It is certainly not the Fig Tree quality from the last quilt I made, but it wasn't worse than the fabric I looked at in Joann's!

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