Wednesday, September 15, 2010

From the heart

[heads up: this post is not about quilting. I would normally write this on a different blog I keep on things of my heart.]
I have done no sewing. My priorities these last couple weeks have been different. I have been spending a lot of time in worship, in heart to heart conversation, and visiting with people. I threw a last minute birthday party for Jerry Sunday. (which meant Saturday was spent catching up on chores, post-vacation) I haven't really gotten any routine back (like I really had one), but I desire my life to be more centered around people. So I don't want any routine I had. I do want to be productive, and I do want to take care of myself, but first I want to pursue time loving the people I love. So my focus is less about doing dishes and going to the gym, but preparing my heart. I know that when I am filled with God and his love, that is what will pour out of me. But I can't give what I don't have. So I am continually seeking more of God in my life.
Here is a praise and example of how we are desiring to have ministry be part of our daily life. Before we had company Sunday, we prayed for God's presence to come and be felt by the family that was going to arrive. The evening went well, and I know at least one sister felt God here. She simply said, "I like it here." And she said that she would like to come back. Praise God, we have been reaching out to her, providing encouragement, and reminding her that our Father is full of unconditional and perfect love and gives good gifts to His children. I hope that she and her children are able to return this Sunday, because as her 3-year daughter excitedly told Jerry when they were leaving, "Jenn said we get to come back."

Jerry and I on vacation:

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