Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weekend plans

This weekend we are traveling north to visit my parents. I am looking forward to a fun time, visiting my friend Allison from college who will receive the Modern Baby quilt I made, and going out on Shasta Lake. (I'll wave hello when I drive by Tracey.) We fly up Friday night and back Tuesday and will be spending Sunday and Monday in Redding.

While we are still at my parents' house, my mom is planning on a BBQ with some of our family from San Francisco. (they haven't met my bf yet, so ...) My aunt is coming over with a, let's call it, mystery stack of fabric. Her mom had/has a closet full of (what she called nice) fabric that my aunt is trying to get rid of. So when she heard I was quilting, she offered to bring me some. I am taking her up on the offer, and when asked what I want, I said girly fabric so I can make my (not quite) nieces little purses for Christmas. I also said I like bright colors. So I don't know what I am going to get, and am excited and nervous about it.

As for my works in progress, I made some continuous bias binding as Tracey's tutorial explained. I apparently don't cut well with scissors (at least in a loop; I can cut wrapping paper just fine!). I have what I need (I hope) but it is a good thing the edges are getting tucked under - they're ugly. The length is going to be close; I just used what I had left in my solid purple. I was surprised at how much I did get out of that little piece of fabric though. I am expecting to get my quilted quilt back in the mail tomorrow or Friday. I am really hoping it arrives tomorrow so that I have time to get the binding on at home.

on a completely unrelated note, it's time for a hair cut again. I've been enjoying it when it's freshly cut (sounds like produce), but it is still long enough in the front that it's not long after my haircut until I can pull it up. And with thick hair and summer days, blow drying isn't fun - so it is up most of the time. But I have a hair appointment tonight and haven't told anyone - so I am sharing here. Tonight I am looking forward to surprising the bf. He loves it when I come back from the salon because I can never get it as nice as my stylist. (I think it's mostly a matter of time and effort) So he is working at the Sbucks nearest my apartment tonight and I am going to stop by on my way home. I look forward to his reaction. (oh, while I'm talking about him I want to brag on him too. He cleaned my refrigerator yesterday and did an amazing job. I'm so impressed and excited about it.)

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