Wednesday, September 8, 2010

40 lbs of fabric

I don't really have 40 lbs of fabric...but close to it. The suitcase was about 45 lbs at the airport, minus the weight of the suitcase, a pair of running shoes, and the 7 lb box of 9mm rounds of ammo (not mine btw- I was helping out someone at the airport. They say over the speakers that it's okay to do that right?) the fabric is probably somewhere closer to 30-35 lbs. 

I came home from Northern California with a bunch of fabric from my mom and aunt. Mostly mom's. 
(I only kept about one-third of my aunt's fabric. It was very dated; not in a cute old fashion way, but an ugly 1970's retro way.) 
I got a good bit of solids, lots of flannel, a few memories... I have lots to experiment with. I plan to participate in Le Petite Projects so this will be some great fabric to try new things with.
I also took a completed quilt from my mom. It's only about 24 inches square and has fall leaves on it. My great aunt made it for her, and embroidered a leaf on the back with names and date. A nice addition to my little collection of fall decor, and allows me the will power to pass up the tempting sale on fall fabric I saw this morning. 

The reason I ended up with all this fabric...people get old. And sadly that means changing living situations to accommodate their needs. It's good in some respects (closets get cleaned out), but I know this is going to be an added burden on my mom as she moves her dad into a rented house with her and my dad. I'm glad to hear she has plans to take care of herself in some ways too, and hope she follows through. My mom is one of the nicest people you would meet, and has a big heart for caring for others.

I had a fun weekend away at the other end of the state. Enjoyed time with family, old friends, enjoyed the blue sky and sunshine. It was a beautiful day on the lake Monday; we had a wonder time of extended worship at church Sunday night. I didn't want it to end - just wanted to move my bed up north. It is our (my bf Jerry's and myself) prayer to be able to move up to Redding and be part of the church next September.

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