Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Amish block

I messed up. I knew it would happen. I guess it was inevitable. I have blocks of all sizes. I am supposed to have 9 inch squares. I have one 9 by 8.5, one 9 by 8.75, one where I trimmed the wrong side and replaced one strip. So I asked my boss for help; she makes great quilts. Her suggestions were what I suspected... I could probably shrink the seams enough to give myself at least close to the quarter inch I need on #2. The third one, well I might just have to use another fabric. ... and #1 (the biggest problem) I will make as she calls it, an amish block. Apparently it is tradition not to make a perfect quilt, so I will have one 9-block instead of this 3 strip thing I started with. She said the type of quilt I am making is scrappy (I know that is not supposed to be an insult, but it kind of sounds like it); I have lots of fabrics and no clear design. The other option, trim everything down.... I'll settle for the amish block thank you.
We shall see how it all turns out. Most of my squares are lining up, so that is good. If I end up with a comfy, colorful blanket, that was my goal. And that is what I will likely get. ...and it gives me a use for some of the fabric I like but didn't have a place for.

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