Friday, May 7, 2010


After I wrote the last entry I decided that I should just do it. So now I have a bunch of blocks that need to be pressed. I hate ironing...and I understand that pressing is different. But I still have to use the same ironing board. I don't like it. For my infrequent de-wrinkling of a shirt or pair of pants, it is fine. But I have one of those over the door ones and the door doesn't close all the way with it on there, the foot between it and the door is always falling off, and so it just moves a lot. So far my experience with quilting is not worth investing in a sturdier ironing board; this being my first one. But I don't know what is next. It won't be so bad I guess. It was nice yesterday to just relax and read a book. That is pretty much all I did after work. So now I have to prepare for my mother's arrival. Guess I won't have time for a while. Had I done a little everyday, I might be done by now. (or at least have the front completed)
Well, it doesn't seem I have really got lost in this. But I suppose I haven't let myself either. I am looking forward to summer when I have more time. ...but I also need to start exercising... hmm.

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