Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Beginning

Let's pretend my blog begins here.
I have a friend from college who is currently a quilter. But more than that; I remember her as a girl with a soft heart who loves God. She was also quite to fun to be around. So she started quilting and starting blogging, and I started following. I was enthralled by these works of art she made. And when I saw her first recipe, and the site it was on, I thought, I have to try this. (By the way, her name is Tracey and traceyjayquilts is her blog) So now I can quilt (not well at this point, but I am learning) and have a blog about it.
What I have learned from Tracey is that Wednesday's are the day to update on what projects one is working on. I have noticed this WIP acronym on other sites too; so to fit in, I am beginning this weekly update habit.
This week I have finished quilting my first quilt. There are more pinches on the back than an elementary school student gets on St Patty's day when he doesn't wear green or cute baby's cheeks get seeing a bunch of old ladies. Okay, so those were cheesy examples but I had try to be creative. Now where was I? Oh yes, I finished the quilting and the only thing I have left to do is begin the binding. (I could really use a cutting mat larger than 12 inches. My next coupon is going toward that.) Next week I am going to be at a conference for work, and I think hand stitching might be what I do with my evenings. The other option is machine binding, which would be faster and stronger, so I am not sure yet. I do plan on keeping this quilt in my living room, so it will get a lot of use.
I also got some fabric in the mail yesterday. Two jelly rolls, both Moda: A Breath of Avignon and Freebird, and a Half Moon by Moda fat quarter stack. I got a few coordinating fabrics, but wish I got more. A fat quarter pack of the neutral Bella Solids would have been a great addition to my order from Burgundy Buttons.

Now, I am telling myself that I won't start something new until I finish my first project. But looking at my fabric doesn't hurt.... I wove together some strips for a pillow (my next project). I like that simple design and with the exception of possible (no, likely) fabric swaps, I am going with that idea. I will likely make multiple pillows next. They are smaller and more manageable than a blanket. I have already promised one friend, and I might surprise my mom with what is left of the jelly roll… the wheels are spinning. But guess I will leave those ideas for when they come up another day.

(I will add pictures later. The bf was using the computer last night to finish up his last paper for the semester so I couldn't kick him off.)

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