Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pillow Case #1

I was having so much fun making pillows that on my last fabric order I couldn't pass up some fabric for an idea I had. This is just one of at least half a dozen similar pillow cases I am going to make and put for sell.
(Took a break from my pillow to do an easy one)
It's a 16 inch square with the Cherish Nature fabric line. The blue color has actually much more green in it (its a dark teal) than it photographed.
I need to wash it because quilting straight (and evenly spaced) lines is much more difficult than I expected and I had to draw lines on it. This will be the first project I'll wash.
I also quilted around the frame of the patterned piece and free-stitched around the egg, bee's wings, and butterfly. Also along the stem of the leaf and feather.

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