Friday, July 9, 2010

Record low in San Diego

Yesterday we had a record low temperature in San Diego. It does not seem like July when the sun does not come out and it is in the low sixties. Usually it is sunny inland where my apartment is, but yesterday it was cloudy here too. So I did some quilting and sewing. That was the only thing I felt like doing.
I finished my second pillow; decided it would fit without the border. It was a perfect fit.

I also got a small rectangle pillow form for another fun pillow. I still have to close up the gap and put on an applique. Maybe I should have read the directions on how to do that first; it looks like I should have put the applique on before I sewed up the edges of the pillow.

front where a scissor in the black fabric will goback of the pillow

I have been shopping online today. It is so hard to make decisions and say no. I have lots of ideas for other pillows. I might just go for it and sell them on etsy. I think they will be easy and very cute. I am also going in circles about Christmas fabric. I have two lines I found and have ideas for. But I hesitate to spend so much on fabric. And I am still waiting for a friend to find out if she is having a boy or a girl to make her a quilt... so maybe I will wait on the extra Christmas stuff.

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