Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend project

Once I got pattern figured out, it didn't take long to put together the front of my next pillow. This is a 20 inch square, and I will use a 20 inch pillow. 18 inches will be too small, and the patterns I tried worked better with 20. So with all the extra I have left (which is still quite a bit) I am going to make a one inch strip all the way around, with the seams on the angle. For some reason this seems to be harder to motivate myself to do.

I pulled out the rest of the fabric strips from the jelly roll, and drew out a pattern for a pillow for my mom. I used the log cabin pattern and it turned out to be 24 inches. That is a lot larger than I was intending. Not sure of my next step there. I was going to make a 24 inch one for myself. I guess I could do the same for mom. But she will have to find a pillow form - I was going to mail it!
Trying to balance my time is again an issue. I joined the gym, and that will take up a good portion of my "me" time that I would use to quilt. However, it is better than sitting on my bum even longer than my full time job forces me to. Sometimes I wish I had a part-time job so I had more time to play.

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  1. I miss the gym.

    Cute pillow. :)

    (You can get starch very cheap at works well). :)