Friday, July 2, 2010


I am looking forward to making more pillows. Up to this point, I have not started one project until I have completed the previous. And I have a list of projects in order.
1- Pillow for Ali - CHECK!
2- Pillow for Christina - working on the layout.
(side note: I am using my kitchen table as my work area. We never eat at it anyway. It is a mess. Fabric, rulers, mats, sewing machine, etc. strewed across it. - oh I keep the leaf in it too. So it isn't small. I think I kept it neat for the first week or so when I was hesitant about the whole quilting thing. Now I have clear support in my projects - don't know why I doubted - and leave out my supplies. So I got tired of looking at all that stuff, and moved my photo screen in front of the table. That worked well, hid the other items I am storing at the end of the dining room too.)
3- Pillow for Mom
4- Pillow for me
5- bag for me

So I think I will intertwine those projects for myself into the mix. Although I realized that I don't have fabric to back a pillow for myself or my mother. But today I ordered a gift card with my Discover cashback (aka, $50 free) so I can go to Pottery Barn and buy myself a nice set of pillows. They have the most wonderfully squishy pillows, and now that I am making covers, I have a good excuse to get them. Jerry loves to sit with a pillow, especially when doing schoolwork on the floor, so I am going to get big 24 in ones. I am so excited. I hope I like the jelly roll I bought.

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