Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Baby Quilt

I am so happy I finally have something to write about. I have made some serious progress on my baby quilt. I plan to stop by a quilting store on the way home today to get some green fabric to make stems and leaves... and then I get starch and press more (my iron smells like starch when it gets hot now) so I can applique my heart away. I think I am going to be pretty good at it by the time I am done.

I do have an issue - my pieces do not match up. The block with the flower could be shorter and wider. I could shrink the squares block, but then they won't be all squares. As a math person sending this quilt to another math person, I'm not so excited about that idea. So, I think I will take the green and make a flower in between and then put grass at the bottom/top to make up for the length. I think it will look intentional and even more my own (since I've doodled flowers and leaves since I was a kid).

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