Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today's Projects

Last night I finished piecing the blankie I was making, although I'm not sure who it is going to now. Maybe I will make it a Christmas gift. Anyway, here's the top.

All I have to do is quilt and bind it; which at it's size doesn't seem so intimidating. I need to go to the store for some matching thread. Not sure if I want natural or brown. The back is mostly natural with brown strips down the sides. I plan to walk up there this morning, stopping for coffee along the way. Ah Saturday!
(here's another shot - I don't know why I like the fabric with words so much.)

In addition to quilting this blankie, I plan today to ride my bike and get started on another project. (I'm so happy I don't have a pile of dishes today. My bf got my kitchen cleaned up yesterday. He's so great.) I thought for the other baby blanket I made that I would make some other matching items. After looking into patterns for baby dresses and slings, I have decided that neither are going to happen. It seems I would need to measure mom (who is still pregnant, shaped nothing like me...and at the other end of the state) and baby. So.... what I don't need sizes for: a bag. Every mom could use a bag to carry stuff in. I'm not sure what it will look like yet... I have no pattern, and think I will just make it up as I go. Here's the fabric, including a couple scraps. Some of this I should use for binding too...

So I am going to be busy having fun today. Off to the shower for me - I'm ready for today.

I ended up buying a pattern for a bag. Better safe than sorry...and a skirt pattern too. I have been thinking some fabrics I have seen would make a cute skirt. So now I have a pattern for when I allow myself to buy more fabric. Also got a place for my thread. Was "just going to look" but it was 50% off.


  1. Looks so great! (and reminds me I need to get my Pure project done... I've taken on too much!)


    I think you'll be happier with the neutral thread, as opposed to the brown... a nice taupe should work perfectly. :)

  2. Tracey, thanks for the advice. I agree; I like the idea of the contrast on the back, but don't think I would like the brown on the front. I plan to do diamonds, centering in the middle of the squares.

  3. Jenn, I was going to reply to your comment...but no email address was linked. As for the bag lining....the trick is to leave a turning hole (I usually do it in the bottom seam of the lining or the side seam about 5 inches). Then have your outer bag right side out and your lining bag inside out. Put the outer bag inside the lining. Your right sides of the materials should be touching at this point. Match up all seams, make sure your handles are tucked in between the 2 bags. PIN. I always start at the sides, with the seams matching. Sew a quarter inch all the way around. Turn your bag inside out through your hole. Stuff the lining back in the bag. Iron the top. Sew a finished top seam around the top. You are done. Don't forget to close that hole. On my blog I have The Dandy Bag tutorial on the sidebar, that illustrates this. Sometimes I find it helpful to use a little bigger seam allowance on the lining.