Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boy Blanky

I think charm packs are my current favorite fabric choice.

They're pre-cut into small enough squares to be cute and make a blanket look quilt-like, but not so small as to drive one crazy with the number of pieces.

(The thought of 2 inch squares over a 24 inch pillow still makes me think ugh)

I now have 7 strips of 6 blocks that only took a short amount of time to piece. They are in Pure by Moda.

(Isn't it fun to have a little banner of squares after strip piecing?)

I also have enough fabric in my stash (which is rather small, but at least existent) that I will be able to make a back for this little blanket. If I had more coordinating fabric, I would probably do something like this blanket I saw at the Moda Bake Shop.

(I am so happy I am able to make this without buying any new fabric)

It will be for a baby - and being as I am only using the charm pack for the front, it will be the kind he can drag around rather than cuddle up in. So it's okay that it's small. It will be, as my little brother used to call his, a "blanky."

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